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Monday, December 17, 2007 


Musicians! Filmmakers!

the early-bird submission deadline draws near…


North by Northeast (NXNE), Canada’s #1 showcase for the best new independent music and music-related films, wants YOU!

Musicians: Get your early-bird submission in for next June’s festival. Until January 1, it’s just $25 to get your act onstage in front of fans and key industry pros at the talent-fest of the year. From January 1 on, it’s $35 to submit. So save yourself some last-minute stress. Spend the ten bucks on guitar strings, drum sticks, holiday gifts, or, okay, booze.

The final submission deadline is January 31/08. No extensions—this ain’t a homework assignment. Visit www.nxne.com to apply.

“Thousands of artists showcased by NXNE directly to key music and film executives. This is where you bring your entertainment vehicle if you want serious industry attention.”
- Rob Halford, Judas Priest

Filmmakers: Put away that Stanislavski (before you go blind). NXNE film submissions run for another six weeks, until January 31. For just $20 (or $40, if you dick around till after January 19), you submit your festival application electronically—follow the links at www.nxne.com. NXNE scoops world premieres and brings cool film folks to town—without any fawning speeches or fashion gossip. At NXNE films, music is the star.

Fans: Next June, NXNE will rock Toronto like never before at almost 60 clubs and outdoor venues. Fans will flood the city, checking out 500 of the world’s best indie acts: rock, blues, techno, hip-hop, country, reggae, punk, folk, and some shit that’s plain unclassifiable. The music will spill out of the clubs onto the streets, into the parks, and beyond.

NXNE will also screen the best music movies from around the world—concert classics and indie docs, with incredible historical, cultural, and musical range.

Plus there’s the NXNE Conference, featuring rare celebrity interviews and no-b.s. music-biz panels. Stay tuned for breaking info!

Check the site for mind-blowing deals: NXNE festival wristband and all-access pass info will be up at www.nxne.com in January. Don’t book anything else for June 12-15, 2008—you’re going to need each second and every ounce of energy to get maximum blast from this explosive festival.

redpipe.ca presents

North by Northeast XIV,

rockin’ Toronto June 12-15, 2008

“NXNE is an exciting combination of indie music and a film lover’s gourmet feast. We had a great time and would love to come back.”
- Stewart Copeland, the Police

The North by Northeast (NXNE) Music & Film Festival and Conference is renowned for showcasing the best new independent music and music-related film. Since its launch in 1994, NXNE has become recognized worldwide as the place for fans to see great performers at intimate venues, for musicians to get vital local and international exposure, and for industry professionals to meet and exchange new ideas about the biz. Catch North by Northeast XIV, June 12-15 2008 at over 40 venues in downtown Toronto.

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