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Wednesday, May 11, 2005 

To Help or Not To Help....

A good friend and ALSO incredible artist reminded me today that "Diamonds are made from the pressure received by ugly, nasty old COAL!" She's right. SOOOO right! Good people, get lots of pressure in life. And it seems the ones with bad agendas get the cake all the time. Well....not really.......and certainly not in the longrun.....

We all have people in our lives that tell lies to make themselves look better, and most have serious self-esteem issues, especially in this industry. But, people NEED people to succeed, and as crazy at it is... the ones that end up bitter and resentful of others that are accomplishing things...are people who have made their own beds as difficult people and resent those achievers that now refuse to help them because they burned that bridge for whatever reasons. First...NEVER second guess the future of someone you insult or treat badly. And when you make the decision to not work with someone that has done that to you..make sure it is for reasons you can live with later....but know, that d
eciding not to help someone is not the same as hurting them. And you don't have to help anyone. Just don't set out to hurt anyone purposefully. It's the right way to be.

Annette Warner

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