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Thursday, April 28, 2005 

Merch Tips

So you have a show this weekend. Are you prepared? Sure, you've practiced. You emailed your list to come out. When was the last time you thought out ideas for the merch table?

Do you even have a merch display? I've seen it all from the fancy, free-standing, lighted display to a performer using a little box with her CD prices scrawled on it! Your best bet is to stand out. Most bands I meet don't really give it much thought and pretty much wing it at their shows. I would take the time to come up with something unique. Since most venues are dark, something with lights could be very cool. I've seen rope lights used very effectively. Get creative and have fun with it. Get a friend or your biggest fan to help sell your CDs while you are performing. Most people want to buy your CD either while you are playing or right afterwards. As soon as your set is over, you need to get to the merch table as quickly as possible. People want to meet you! They want you to sign their CD! It's good PR and a way to earn fans for life.

Be sure to have plenty of CDs to sell at your shows. It's really easy to not bring enough and then run out. That would suck! The best money maker at your show is merchandise, especially your CD. Also make sure you have it available for purchase online through your web site and other outlets such as CDBaby.com and Amazon.com.

Also have a mailing list available. So many times I see bands scramble at the last minute to find a piece of paper and pen to put out. Instead, get a cheap clipboard and attach a pen to it.

Hope this bit of information helps you in your music career!

Rock on,
Madalyn Sklar
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