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Thursday, November 05, 2009 

Attention Bands: Welcome To Facebook, This Is Not Myspace!

by Guest Blogger Laura Marie

Welcome to Facebook. If you are new here and coming over from Myspace you have noticed many differences. Social Networks for Musicians can help you navigate those differences and make the most of your Facebook experience. For now, here are some helpful Do's and Don'ts to keep you growing your network and stop you from getting blocked.

Do: Post gig flyers to your wall
Don't: Post gig flyers to your friend's walls. On Myspace this was acceptable. Here it's like going to someone's house and posting it on their front door.

Do: Tag your photos, flyers and videos with people who are involved in whatever you are posting.
Don't: Tag everyone you want to invite to see your photos, flyers and videos. It's the same thing as posting it to their wall and, unless you have permission to do so, don't do it. Besides, if you post it to your own wall, it will show up in all your friend's home feed anyway.

Do: Create and event invite when you have an event to promote
Don't: Continue to invite people who have RSVP'd with "not attending". This happens all the time on on other social networks

Do: Create a fan page for all your band's music and info.
Don't: Use your profile as your fan page. Mostly because the fan page has so many more options for bands to promote their music but, also because Facebook did not design your profile page to be an advertising page and you might get deleted. Of course, you might not but why risk it? And, yes, it can be challenging to get your friends to also become fans but SN4M can help you with that. Plus, there are benefits to having both.

We recommend reading, How To Attract 3,000 Fans In 30 Days, The Ultimate Facebook Pages Guide

Do: Tell your friends about what you are doing in band related activities.
Don't: Make it all business all the time. This is a social network. Go. Be Social. :)

Remember there is a reason people are moving to this network. Don't try to buck the system. Go with the flow and it will be a great tool to spread the word about your music.

Copyright © 2009 Laura Marie, singer/songwriter/computer nerd

Texas singer songwriter, Laura Marie, can be found promoting indie music and helping artists with their internet presence throughout the web. She is currently preparing for her second solo release in January of 2010 and can be easily found on the following websites and networks:


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Great post Madalyn,
I've always seen Facebook as a hazy area for musicians.. on one hand it's an amazing tool with a broad reach, but it does seem a bit intrusive the way some artists misuse it.

Great idea that works, well done!

I'd also like to add,

do: reach out to people you've known on other networks or have been acquainted with through other avenues

don't: request a friendship and them send an email telling someone you don't know to check out your offsite webpage. On Facebook that is called spam and a "Hey, check out my website" will likely get you blocked, hidden or deleted.

Again...this is not myspace

I think you've highlighted two very important points here.

First, that myspace is slowly losing out to facebook (because of spam?), and secondly that many bands misuse or misunderstand the tools available for promotion.

This isn't just something that bands do, but anyone who is promoting anything should be trying to avoid spam- and not just on facebook!

Facebook has a fanpage. It keeps a safety net for both the artist and the people. I am not sure though if other features of the site such as putting song samples are available. -Steve

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