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Tuesday, May 20, 2008 

There’s a new game in town…and it’s called…STEREOFAME!

The Online Social Music Game

Create Your Own Virtual Record Label & Compete For Rewards!

Compete for a slot at this year’s After The Jump Festival on June 21 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Galapagos Art Space and North 6th street in New York City. The deadline is June 3, 2008. Sign up here and automatically get 500 points. The winner, chosen by the festival’s promoters from the top three vote getters on the site, will get to perform on the main stage. After the Jump is the first festival of its kind to bring together two dozen of NYC’s premiere music bloggers in a celebration of the music that drives them and the causes they believe in.

If you’re an up and coming independent artist, what could be seriously cooler than winning big merch and rewards based on the “thumbs up” responses of the only folks that count—the fans? And if you’re a music lover, what could be more fun than getting all those awesome goodies for having great taste and knowing a winner when you hear one?

With the launch of Stereofame (http://www.stereofame.com/), the online social music game, both artists and fans get what they deserve—to start with, mountain bikes, skateboards, surfboards, incredible trips, all based on the points they earn for making and promoting great new sounds.

If you’re an artist or band, don’t let your music just sit there on myspace or iTunes waiting to be discovered. That sort of passive listening is a thing of the past. No matter your genre—pop, rock, alternative, rap, R&B, country, jazz…Stereofame welcomes it all--get the respect you deserve in the form of promotion on the website, all that sweet merch and even opportunities to work with professional producers in a legit studio or headline festivals and concerts.

Once you’ve signed up on Stereofame , you simply upload your songs and invite fans to start listening. If they’re digging your songs, they can do a lot more than earn you points with their text and video comments and thumbs ups—they can start a virtual indie label and sign you to a deal.

If you’re a fan that has a knack for knowing which band is going to be next year’s Vampire Weekend, you deserve props (and prizes) for helping to discover them. Once you’ve earned your cred, Stereofame will promote your choices on the site and you can start strategizing how to bring the artists you sign to the world. The more points they earn, the more you get. It’s like fantasy football, only you’re picking the next big music icons instead of an all-star quarterback.

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