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Thursday, September 13, 2007 

You Get Out What You Put In

by Madalyn Sklar

Have you ever wondered why sometimes things just don't work out. You are not selling enough CDs or getting people out to your show. Sometimes you should think about what you are putting out there... what are you doing for others. We all know, people like to help people they like. Are you getting yourself out there? Are you making the most of your connections.

I've met many indie musicians who exhibit a "gimme" attitude. They think they deserve so much when they are not doing anything for others.
Why not set up a benefit show? Or offer a % of CD sales to your favorite charity?

You Get Out What You Put In.

I feel strongly that when you are a giver, great things will come back to you. It may not be right away. It could take months, even years. But it's a nice feeling when others return what you put out.

Here's an example:

Veronica is a hard working indie artist in Houston. She supports many local bands. Even though she has a family at home - husband and kids, she makes it a point to get out and support the local music scene. She gives up a lot but in return she gets so much! Every year she produces an amazing benefit show. You should see the support she gets! It's because she devotes a great deal of time with no expectations. She is a giver and in the process gets so much in return.

Another example:

I'm in Atlanta right now. Last night something amazing happened. A benefit show for ME! Because of my giving, someone wanted to give back. Her name is Ronnda. She is an indie artist and a huge giver. When she found out that I was going into the hospital back in January and would be racking up large medical bills, she wanted to do something about it. She has been planning this benefit all year. She secured a great headliner and asked other supporters of mine to participate. It was truly a memorable night. It wasn't about the money for me. Yes, it helps. But it was about the true nature of giving. It's a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that people care and want to support you.

Are you a giver or a taker?

I'm a giver. I give so much of my time to help indie musicians. It's become a way of life for me. I wouldn't have it any other way. In the early years when I had more time, I offered to help bands with their web sites. Some would ask what I wanted in return. I was boggled by this. I would say that I simply wanted to help. There are so many people who don't know what to do with that. I say accept help from all sources and then give back.

Pay It Forward.

Do something nice for someone with no strings attached. You've heard the stories. Someone stops at the toll booth and decides to not only pay for themselves, but they pay for several cars after them. Paying it forward.

You Get Out What You Put In.

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I am glad I could help.... and I did it because YOU ROCK...you have and continue to be a vital part of my music career and life. Thank you Madalyn for all you do to support us..the indie musician... cause Gogirls ROCK!!!
much love~


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