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Wednesday, September 26, 2007 

Rainmaker Public Relations Celebrates 12th Anniversary

Rainmaker Public Relations & Artists Management is celebrating its’ 12th anniversary this month. Rainmaker PR, one of the longest-running PR companies for independent artists, has worked with over 1,500 clients since it opened it’s doors in 1995. Being an indie public relations firm, Rainmaker does something that is much more specific and intricate than other PR firms. Aside from sending out discs and getting reviews & interviews for her bands and labels, Rainmaker also offers artist development consultations on a bi-monthly basis. In regards to this cutting-edge service, Kelley says: “It’s important to educate artists on the most cost effective ways to spend their money and give them a solid direction to achieve their specific goals.”

Not one to rest on her laurels, owner Rhonda Kelley along with her partners also launched and created The Virtual Publicist and The Virtual Publisher in May 2007. A downloadable press list with mailing labels and resources to make doing a D.I.Y campaign doable. Always one to help independent bands out, regardless of their budget, Kelley started The Virtual Publicist and The Virtual Publisher to give bands with limited means the ability of promoting their music to a wide array of magazines, newspapers, and other media outlets at a minimal cost. At last count, there are over 450 contacts in The Virtual Publicist, which is a large number considering the bargain-basement price of the service, a one-time only charge of $39.95.

Even before Rainmaker PR was born in 1995, Kelley kept busy in the creation and production process, creating the entertainment show, Edge TV. After publicists quoted her exorbitant fees to assist with the local musical guests on the show, Kelley had no choice but to do it herself. This led to the creation of Rainmaker Public Relations & Artist Development. Kelley explains what she thought when she was starting the agency: “Dedicating myself solely to unsigned musicians because they were the ones who needed my help most, I did something that was very unpopular in 1995 but is now a standard model. The best part of running Rainmaker Public Relations and Artist Management is being able to work every day with great musicians and help them further their careers. It’s exciting to wake up every day and know that my job is listening to great new music and making sure the world is able to hear it, too.”

Check out Rainmaker PR at www.rainmakerpublicrelations.com and The Virtual Publicist / The Virtual Publisher at www.thevirtualpublicist.com

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