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Monday, April 16, 2007 

SAVENETRADIO - the time has come!

Madalyn's Note: I've been in touch with Nancy at SAVENETRADIO and it's a worthwhile endeavor. Please take a moment to check it out. Thanks!

Hello friends,

The time has come to take action to SAVENETRADIO. Our site is live at http://www.savenetradio.org/. Please click on the petition link and send a letter to your congressman today.

Thank you.
Nancy Tarr Wager

As an webcaster, listener and artist you understand Internet radio's revolutionary impact on the ability to reach music fans nationwide and globally. Artists deserve to be fairly paid for their creativity, but a recent decision by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) to almost triple Internet radio royalty rates has jeopardized the future of Internet radio, and could extinguish one of the few opportunities for independent artists and labels to expand their reach.

The new royalty rates were requested by the major labels who control the RIAA, but their artists are already heavily promoted on broadcast radio while 95% of artists need Internet radio. These higher rates will force many small, non-profit and public service radio stations to stop broadcasting on the Internet, and will virtually eliminate all small and medium-sized webcasters.

And the remaining large webcasters – they will stop streaming too. The few that continue will be forced to negotiate special deals with major record labels that will require more major label content and less independent content to be performed.

Furthermore, these new deals will cut out the artist altogether. If you are among the artists who have received SoundExchange royalties from Internet radio, those will disappear because the major labels' direct deals with webcasters will allow them to circumvent the 50/50 split mandated by the webcast laws and keep 100% of the revenue. This decision is a huge step backwards for the working musician.

We believe Internet radio has created a wonderfully rich and diverse music environment that should be encouraged and promoted. It is a vital alternative to broadcast radio, and for the vast majority of musicians, the only hope they have of exposure to a wide audience.

Don't let your music be silenced. Join us today in the fight to help save Internet radio by signing our petition: www.savenetradio.org/petition. We will use this petition to pressure Congress to do the right thing – to save Internet radio as the new mass medium that enables a diversity of voices, including yours. We hope you will also share your story of Internet radio, and we will print the best stories to demonstrate the value of this innovative medium.

Thanks for your support.

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