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Sunday, August 10, 2008 

Heart Rocked the House at The House of Blues in New Orleans, 8-7-08

by Robin Kirby


Robin and Chip hanging out before the show Last week I was on a call with the infamous Music Coach and Founder of GoGirlsMusic.com Madalyn Sklar…when she asked me if I would accompany her to see Heart at the House of Blues in New Orleans and write a review for GoGirlsMusic.com I was stoked! I told her that I would not only like to I would LOVE to go! (Talk about being on the right call at the right time!) Madalyn was on the other line with Chip Schutzman of Miles High Productions about the show and he needed the name of the person accompanying her ASAP… I lucked out! I got to see Heart VIP in New Orleans at the House of Blues!!! I have always been a huge fan of Heart. They have had a big influence in the music I write so I was honored to be in the presence of two of the worlds most infamous rocker chicks!

I heart HEART!


Finally I great pic of the two Over the years Heart has had a profound influence on Rock Music! Ann and Nancy definitely showed the crowd Thursday night at the House of Blues in New Orleans, that WOMEN CAN ROCK! Nancy’s perfect guitar licks with a kick and Ann’s angelic vocals were so amazing. Nancy Wilson is featured in the July/Aug. issue of Performing Songwriter. Make sure you check it out! Ann, known as the queen of rock and roll, belted out "Barracuda" making her vocal performance the highlight of the show. Heart’s music has a lot of substance, power, passion and conviction. The show was both memorable and brilliant ;) A spectacular show!

The experience of Heart…

Robin took the money shot of Ann Wilson!! The House of Blues (Ann and Nancy’s favorite music venue) was an awesome, intimate venue. Outside were lines of people waiting to get into the show. Chip Schutzman of Miles High productions was interviewing the fans in the line. Thanks to Chip we were let in as the first people at the show...I photographed the empty stage… Then the Heart Mongers (top fans) began to flow through the door…as Pink Floyd played aloud as background music Madalyn and I introduced ourselves to some of the Heart Fans. I first introduced myself to the number one fan of Heart, Paula. According to other fans, Paula has attended the most Heart shows through the years, hence giving her the #1 fan spot. Among others was one very interesting fan "New Orleans Monger” known as Dann Wilson aka Carl Floyd. He divulged to me that he had seen Heart 38 times and told me later in a note, “I Must say that 38 shows and counting-that was one of the BEST Heart shows I've ever attended (they were ALL great and very memorable), if not THE best, and what a love fest! It was nothing short of a secular spiritual revival or something akin”.

Nancy finally makes her way over towards me The Heart Mongers were all such great fans! The fans continued to flow in until the House of Blues was completely packed. The lights went down...and the crowd screamed and out came the Wilson sisters. The first song was "Wild Child"…the second "Magic Man" and so forth. (See pics of the set list) Madalyn took a photo of the set list which was securely taped to the floor…so after Madalyn took the pic we then knew what song was coming next. There were songs that have been in their set list for 30 years. Their set also included some Led Zeppelin! These women pioneers of rock and roll performed with the same passion they started with back in the 70s. My favorite Heart song "Crazy on You" was next to the last song they played. I made my way through the crowd again to get closer to the front for that particular song… Yours truly smiled and rocked to the music! I definitely recommend you get out and see them at a venue near you!

I know... awesome picRobin with New Orleans Heart Monger known as Dann Wilson aka Carl FloydOne of my fave pics.Can you believe I was THIS close to Nancy Wilson?!?

Click here for more photos from the Heart concert

Robin Kirby is a Powerful singer, songwriter musician from Houston, Texas. She recently released a 5 song Demo called Robin Revealed and will be releasing a new CD soon called High Speed Wobble. She is also a member of GoGirls Elite.

Check out her music at:

Photos by Robin Kirby + Madalyn Sklar
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I've seen Heart many times in concert and I have to say it's NOTHING like seeing them in a small, intimate place like the House of Blues in New Orleans. Next time around it will be worth it for anyone reading this, who is a fan, to travel there for it.

Big THANKS to Robin Kirby for writing a great review of the show. If I had not been there I would have felt like I was after reading her post.

Rock on!
Madalyn Sklar
fearless leader of the GoGirls!

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